When it comes to sports, contact lenses are heavily preferred over standard glasses. Truthfully, there isn’t even much of a debate. When was the last time you saw a professional athlete wearing glasses during a competition? Can you recall a football player cramming them underneath their helmet, or a soccer player tearing up and down the pitch with a pair of eye glasses on? Chances are that no athletes come to mind because contacts are simply the better option when it comes to playing sports.

Is it Safe to Wear Contact Lenses While Playing Sports?

If you have been wondering if you can wear contact lenses while playing sports, the answer is yes! In fact, contact lenses are actually recommended over standard glasses when participating in sports. This is because glasses and the lenses in them can break during the course of play and cause injury to yourself or other players. Just imagine taking a soccer ball to the face during a game while wearing glasses. It doesn’t sound appealing, does it? Alternatively, contacts are less likely to fall out and they are much safer.

Are Contacts Safe to Wear for Every Sport?

No. The one instance where contact lenses are not recommended for use, is during any activity that involves swimming. Exposing your contacts to water in oceans, rivers, lakes or even swimming pools can increase your risk for eye infections, irritation and conditions that can blind you. That being said, most of these events you will be wearing goggles and prescription ones would be the way to go.

The Pros and Cons of Wearing Contact Lenses During Sports

Contacts lenses can be a great advantage when playing sports, but there are some things to consider before making your final decision:


  • They offer clear, crisp eyesight
  • Your field of vision won’t be impacted by glasses frames
  • They’re so comfortable that you often forget you’re wearing them
  • They are not subject to fogging or rain
  • You have better depth perception and peripheral vision
  • If lost, they’re cheaper to replace than glasses
  • They are safer to wear and won’t injure you by breaking
  • They don’t affect the fit of goggles, helmets or other types of sports headgear


  • They are not recommended for swimming
  • They do not protect your eye from injury during a sporting event
  • They could fall out and impact your vision if you do not have a replacement
  • Your eye can become irritated if any debris get underneath

Best Contacts for Athletes

Typically, the best contact lenses for athletes will be soft contact lenses. This is because soft lenses will adhere better to your eye and are less likely to fall out or move around during physical activity.

Truthfully, if you want the most accurate answer, this is a question best left for your eye doctor. If you play sports and are interested in obtaining contact lenses, your optician should be the first stop. They will be able to write you a prescription and fit you for contact lenses. From there, you can purchase directly from them, or if you’re looking to save some money, you can purchase contact lenses online.