Applying makeup is a common part of any morning routine for most women. However, wearing contacts can make this process a bit more complicated. One of the largest issues contact wearers report, is difficulties that makeup causes for them. So, what’s the solution? Do you give up makeup and looking your best, or decide against better vision? The choice is a difficult one to make. No woman should have to choose between seeing clearly and looking their best, which is why we’ve created a helpful guide to keep your eyes healthy and gorgeous!

Getting Started

The rule of thumb for contact wearers, is to always wash your hands before putting in your contact lenses. Only after putting your contact lenses in and ensuring that they feel good, should you move on to your normal makeup routine. This ensures that your hands aren’t covered in dangerous or harmful bacteria, or irritating particles that will bother you. Besides, having your contacts in first which give you even clearer vision to make sure your makeup is flawless. Once this is done, you can start with your moisturizer and primer.

Applying Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is a standard product for most women. In fact, many women have a rainbow assortment of eye shadows to accommodate any outfit or occasion. Unfortunately, eye shadow can also be an irritant for contact wearers. Have you ever had powder eye shadow get in your eyes? If so, you know how irritating it can be. That is why when choosing an eye shadow, it’s best to use cream types over powder ones. This will prevent your eyes from becoming irritated. To take it a step further, shop for water-based cream eye shadows over oil-based.

Eyeliner Options

This is another common beauty product that women use, but can be bothersome for contact wearers. Women typically use eyeliner to line the waterline under their lashes. If you wear contacts this might not be a great idea for you because it actually puts the eyeliner in direct contact with your lenses. In addition, it can also block the eyelid oil-glands and that is not healthy. If you insist on wearing eyeliner, pencil options are better than both cream and gel eyeliner.

Accommodating Mascaras

Mascara is often the finishing touch in most makeup routines. Unfortunately for contact wearers, it can be a bit of a nightmare! Mascara can easily get into your eyes and irritate you. Contacts only accentuate the irritation. If you wear mascara, be sure to avoid fiber mascaras or the lash-extending types that can flake easily. You also want to avoid water-proof mascara that can’t wash of easily as it can stain your contact lenses. Hypo-allergenic oil and fragrance free mascaras will be your best bet, and when applying them ty not to brush all the way to the root of your lashes.

Looking to up your eye game?

If you’re looking to spice up your eye game without all the added makeup, you can also consider colored contacts. These contact lenses come in an array of colors and might be just what you’re searching for to change up your look. Talk to your eye doctor today to see if colored contacts are right for you!