Has your child been asking to get contact lenses? If they are growing tired of their glasses it might be time to consider if they are ready for contact lenses. This decision should not be made lightly, though. Contact lenses are a big responsibility and mishandling or misusing them can lead to serious eye conditions. So, how do you know if your child is ready for contact lenses?

They Show Signs of Responsibility

Contacts are a big deal. You don’t simply put them in and see perfectly for the rest of time. They need to be removed and cleaned daily to prevent increased risk of eye infections. If your child needs to constantly be nagged about completing their chores, you might want to hold off on getting contact lenses. Leaving clean clothes in the laundry basket is less dangerous than the risk of eye infection if they refuse or forget to remove their contacts. If they’re not ready, it’s okay to wait a year or two.

They are Hygienic and Clean

There is a lot of regular maintenance and cleaning that goes into contact lenses. Children that have good hygiene and are generally clean will probably be good candidates for contact lenses. If your child likes to get dirty, then you might want to reconsider. Dirty and contact lenses don’t mix well and can actually lead to eye infections.  

They Are Into Sports

The last image you want in your head is your child getting hit in the face with a soccer ball, basketball or volleyball and having their glasses smash into their face and cut them. Even though glasses have come a long way, there’s still glass in them and accidents do happy. Not to mention that broken glasses are much costlier to replace than a contact lens. So, if your child is involved in sports and wants to continue to progress in athletics, you might want to consider having them fit for contact lenses. Not only is it safer than glasses, it also improves peripheral vision and can lead to an advancement of their skill.

They Take Care of their Glasses

You know how expensive and delicate glasses can be. Chances are that you’ve had at least one trip to the eye doctor to have them adjusted or repaired. A pair of contact lenses are less expensive than glasses, but they still need to be cared for. If your child has shown that they are able to take care of their glasses by regularly cleaning them, keeping track of them and using their case when not in use, then chances are that they’ll care well for contact lenses as well.

If you feel that your child is ready for contact lenses, talk to an eye doctor today.

The next step in getting your child contact lenses is to talk to your family eye doctor. They will be able to assess whether your child is a good candidate for contacts and determine the proper brand and prescription. Once you have the prescription, you can view the amazingly affordable selection of contact lenses that we have available and order the perfect fit!