There’s no way around it—you put yourself at an increased risk of eye damage when you wear contact lenses. Unfortunately, contact lenses offer too many benefits over traditional glasses that make them so much more appealing and admittedly, worth the risk. You might be worried by the statistics that contact lens wearers experience eye infections and other eye problems at a higher rate than those who do not wear contacts, but that’s no reason to turn your back on the vision correctors for good. In fact, there are certain steps that you can take to prevent eye damage from color blend lenses and other contacts. Keep reading to learn the four rules for preventing eye damage from color blend lenses.


1) Get a Professional Opinion First

The first rule when it comes to wearing color blend lenses is to have a professional involved. You might just need a pair of color contact lenses for a costume or to change your look for a much anticipated first date, but you shouldn’t just order a cheap pair online. In fact, it’s essential to have your eye doctor in the loop from the start. A month or so before your big event, see your eye doctor to get fitted and ensure that you’re getting the right size, shape, and prescription.


2) Properly Care for Your Contact Lenses

If you want to avoid getting eye damage from wearing colored contact lenses you need to be sure that you are properly taking care of them. That means you should only wear them the recommended length of time, dispose of them according to the guidelines, and be sure to clean them properly. Doing this can help you avoid painful and costly eye damage.


3) Do Not Sleep in Contact Lenses Overnight

Another important rule to follow in order to prevent eye damage when wearing colored contact lenses is to never wear them overnight unless they are specifically designed for it. Forgetting to take contact lenses out is common, but it can lead to increased eye irritation and risk of eye damage.


4) Address Any Issues Immediately

Finally, if you are having issues with your color blend lenses it is important to see a professional eye doctor right away. If you feel any irritation, dryness, burning or pain, see your doctor. There are certain issues that need to be treated right away to avoid permanent eye damage so it’s best not to wait.


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