Have you been thinking about getting one-day contact lenses? If so, you might have heard the horror stories associated with them.


They’re so expensive.


They are environmentally unfriendly.


They are flimsy and not comfortable to wear.


One day contact lenses get a bad rap, but in reality, they are a great option when it comes to correcting your vision. If you are thinking of getting one-day contact lenses, here are five facts that might actually surprise you!


1) They’re Healthier for You

You might think that one day contacts are a waste because you throw them out every day but they are actually the healthiest option when it comes to contacts. They are preferred by eye care professionals over two week and monthly options because it means you are getting a fresh, clean, brand new contact lens every single day. You also do not have to worry about cleaning them, so you can’t mess up on that either!


2) They Are Cost Effective

How can this be? How can a contact lens that you throw out every day be more affordable than one that you wear for weeks or months? Well, one day contact lenses do not need to be cleaned. This means you simply pull them out and toss them, as opposed to weekly or monthly contact lenses. The cost of solutions and cases to properly clean and maintain your weekly or monthly contact lenses can quickly add up, which makes daily contact lenses not only more affordable but also easier to manage.


3) There Are More Options Available

Something else to keep in mind is that there are more options available for those wearing one-day contact lenses. That is because there are options for astigmatism patients, those with presbyopia, and even bi-focal needs.


4) The Lenses Are Better for Avoiding Dry Eye

One of the most common complaints about those who wear contacts is that their eyes are dry or irritated, which are both symptoms of dry eye syndrome. Dry eye occurs most often in contact wearers who are not properly caring for their contact lenses. Disposable contacts need to be thrown out every day, which means you won’t be caught wearing them longer than recommended or not cleaning them properly.


5) They’re the Most Comfortable Option

In addition to being healthiest and more cost-effective, one-day contact lenses are also the most comfortable. Technological advances in daily contacts have come a long way and some lenses even deposit a fresh burst of eye drops into your eye every morning, which means you can wear them comfortably all day long.


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