Have you been thinking about purchasing some colored contact lenses to change your look up? Well, if so, you might be thinking about the pros and cons of such a decision. Do colored contact lenses cost a lot? Are colored contact lenses safe? Do colored contact lenses cloud your vision? These might be questions that you have regarding colored contact lenses, and thankfully, we’re here to answer those questions! Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of disadvantages of colored contact lenses.

Advantages of Colored Contact Lenses

When it comes to considering whether or not to purchase colored contact lenses, there are three distinct advantages. The first is that lightly tinted colored contact lenses can give you an enhanced eye color while still appearing natural. This is essential for those who want slight enhancement while not going too bold.

Another advantage of colored contact lenses is that by working with an optometrist, you can choose a pair of colored contact lenses that are best suited for your eyes. An experienced professional can help you find a pair that provides optimal comfort and mitigates risk.

Finally, something else to keep in mind is that wearing colored contact lenses presents no greater risk of infection than any other type of lenses. So essentially, colored contacts are as safe as any other type of contact lenses.


Disadvantages of Colored Contact Lenses

Now, as much as colored contact lenses have some great advantages, there are also some disadvantages to keep in mind. The first is that wearing colored contact lenses without first consulting a licensed eye professional can be dangerous. You will need to consult someone to ensure that the lens is the right type, fit, and shape for your eye.

Another disadvantage is that colored contact lenses do not always give you the desired result that you are looking for. It is important to choose a lightly tinted or enhanced colored contact lens instead of opaque to ensure a natural look. Contact lenses that are too thickly tinted can also blue your eyesight, which is not good!

Finally, something else to consider is that if improperly used, colored contact lenses can lead to serious eye infections. Although this is no different than any other type of contact lenses, if you properly care for and maintain your colored contact lenses, you should have no issues.

As always, consulting with a licensed eye doctor is essential for ensuring proper eye health while wearing contact lenses.


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