Have you been asking yourself, “Should I get daily or monthly contacts?” for some time now? If you have, take a look at our quick comparison between monthly and daily contact lenses!


One of the most important things that people consider when purchasing contact lenses is the cost. With monthly contacts, you will reuse them for 30 days, but daily contacts are thrown out and replaced every day so they are the most expensive. For monthly contacts, you will also need to consider the cost of cleaning products, but daily contacts are still typically more expensive. There are also rebates to keep in mind, but those cannot always be relied upon.


Frequency of Wear

Daily contacts might be more expensive, but if you wear them infrequently they can be the best fit for you. Say you only wear contacts for sporting events or special occasions, you can just buy a pack or two of daily contacts relatively cheaply. However, if you wear contacts every day, monthlies might still be your best option.


Another difference between daily and monthly contacts is convenience. When you are travelling, you can simply toss a handful of daily contacts into your suitcase and call it a day. However, if you wear monthly contacts and travel, you will need to pack one pair, a spare pair, your cleaning case and all of your solutions. Daily contacts are also easy to carry a spare pair in your purse for everyday life in case one you’re wearing rips or tears.


When it comes to taking care of your contact lenses, daily contacts will require the least amount of work. That’s because you throw them out every day so there’s no need to worry about solutions and cleaning. With daily contacts, in the morning you’ll simply open up a new pack and pop them in. However, when you are dealing with monthly contact lenses, you will need to clean them daily with solutions and keep them in special cases to ensure they’re safe and comfortable to wear.

Vision Correction

Something else that needs to be kept in mind when you are comparing daily and monthly contacts are how well they will correct your vision based on your particular prescriptions. Daily contact lenses are available for most types of prescriptions and you can also get them even if you have multifocal correction or astigmatism. However, if your prescription is more advanced and outside of what is offered by daily contacts that are disposable, you may need to turn to monthly contact lenses.

Whether Daily or Monthly Contacts Are Right for Your, Lensfour Can Supply Them!

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