Bausch & Lomb LACELLE Colors daily disposable colour circle lenses enhance the natural beauty of your eyes with their unique and colourful lace pattern circle to give you a new and fascinating look. LACELLE Colors lenses not only make you look but also feel better as they are even more comfortable than other colour contacts. To further support long-lasting wearing comfort even after sundown, these lenses have a high water content and a special surface coating to reduce protein build-up and prevent red and itchy eyes. With Bausch & Lomb LACELLE Colors you can have an amazing colourful look the comfortable way, with just the blink of an eye.

* Lenses for long-sighted eyes (+) are currently unavailable. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Lens Type: Coloured disposable
Package Details: 30 lenses per box
Material Content: 58%
Water Content: 42%
Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb