Biomedics Toric contact lenses are fortnightly disposable lenses used to correct astigmatism. They are regarded as one of the best toric lenses on the market, providing crisp and clear vision all day long. Their new thinner patented edge design provides a high level of long-lasting comfort and makes them exceptionally easy to wear. Your eyes won’t feel tired even after a long day of wearing the lenses. Wear Biomedics Toric for up to two weeks and just replace them with a fresh and clean new pair.

* Do kindly take note that as Toric Lens are specifically manufactured for each individual, up to 4 weeks of waiting time will be required for the lens to be shipped out. Lens Type:Astigmatic Fortnightly disposable

Package Details:6 lenses per box
Material Content:45% polymer (ocufilcon D)
Water Content:55%

* Lenses for long-sighted vision (+) are currently unavailable. We are sorry for the inconvenience.